Tuesday, November 29, 2011

DIY : White Christmas Decoration

It's that time of the year! Every DIY blogger's happy place is the heart warming Christmas season.

Where do i start? With almost 20 ideas on paper and another 50 in my head , i can only do so much in my tiny city apartment so i took it to fate and made a blind selection only to see that i chose my favorite ideas!   That's the magic of Christmas.

For my first post  : wonderland ornaments , warm lights and bows. 

Hope you like them :)

There's so much more to come so keep visiting my blog

Raquel S

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Saturday, November 12, 2011

DIY : Cable Organizer

If you're anything like the everyday person, you own at least one camera , smart phone, laptop etc which also means that you have no less than five messy wires and cords lying around your house , in your car's glove box and drawers. I saw a very cool ribbon organizer at a bookshop in Beirut and thought it was a brilliant idea to make my own.

Instead of ribbon, i used elastic band and added color with colorful beads.

Raquel S.

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