Saturday, May 26, 2012

DIY : Tin Can and Peg Frame

Why i like crafting is because you can take an idea you've seen in a magazine or a blog and repurpose it into something that you need. This project is exactly that.

I came across a plant vase made of pegs and immediately wanted to make my own with a twist. I thought why not use pegs for what they do best , clipping! If you remember the peg unit  from back in October ? i still use it today to clip new vacation pics and even to-do-lists.

So here is my take on a Peg vase. All you'll need are:

  • Pegs , wooden are more charming than plastic but you can you colorful ones for your kids' room
  • A tin can
  • A glue gun
  • A picture , in a landscape layout preferably
  • Some string 

Start by gluing the pegs around the can 
Use the string to cover the bottom stip, that's optional .

Once done , clip a picture around the can. It was a struggle to do
it myself so i would suggest asking for help with this one.

Oh and you're done!

Add a flower, a feather, a pen, a paint brush ... whatever suits with the picture

Raquel S.

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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Shoe Rack Rack City Chick

I have to admit that i was a late shoe bloomer who started wearing heels at the tender age of 25 so i'm a fairly young addict with no intention to ever get cured!  EVER

Like most girls out there , no closet is big enough to display all your shoes so i turned to Ikea to resolve yet another space management crisis with these white shoe boxes that fit 2 pairs each.

The only issue was that i couldn't clearly see through the lid and it was a struggle every morning to find the pair i wanted .

So I printed out these colorful pictures of my feet 

Using Blu-Tack or a stapler to stick them on (tape will not it on hold for long)

Et voila! Tres city chick 

Raquel S

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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Belles does Bridal

Hoorah! This is my first post in the past 8 weeks and it feels goooooooood! My new job at a digital media agency was taking most of my free time but now i've settled in and will be crafting and blogging again.

So what happened in the last 8 weeks? A few trips back home and a family wedding. For those who know me , i've become passionate about hand made bridal accessories and it's crazy to know there aren't many local brands out there. So what better day to debut my first creation then on my cousin's beautiful blonde locks.

Raquel S.

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