Wednesday, January 18, 2012

DIY : Birthday Party Fabric Garland

The holiday season is officially over , 2012 is here and off to an interesting start! January in Dubai is beautiful, the weather is cool and it's possibly the best place to be, January is also special because it's my birthday month :)

To celebrate my last twenty something birthday , i had all my close family and friends over for drinks , dancing and plenty of DIY decoration and entertainment.So i'm dedicating this month's posts to all the little projects i prepared for that one night.

But before i do , i'd like to thank my two cousins, Anna Maria and Monica for organizing the night! love you guys

My first post is a DIY garland made from old t- shirts, after this you might never want to throw away worn out clothes, you just never know when you'll need them

Raquel s.
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