Saturday, May 26, 2012

DIY : Tin Can and Peg Frame

Why i like crafting is because you can take an idea you've seen in a magazine or a blog and repurpose it into something that you need. This project is exactly that.

I came across a plant vase made of pegs and immediately wanted to make my own with a twist. I thought why not use pegs for what they do best , clipping! If you remember the peg unit  from back in October ? i still use it today to clip new vacation pics and even to-do-lists.

So here is my take on a Peg vase. All you'll need are:

  • Pegs , wooden are more charming than plastic but you can you colorful ones for your kids' room
  • A tin can
  • A glue gun
  • A picture , in a landscape layout preferably
  • Some string 

Start by gluing the pegs around the can 
Use the string to cover the bottom stip, that's optional .

Once done , clip a picture around the can. It was a struggle to do
it myself so i would suggest asking for help with this one.

Oh and you're done!

Add a flower, a feather, a pen, a paint brush ... whatever suits with the picture

Raquel S.

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