Thursday, January 3, 2013

DIY Coffee Cup Sleeve for Brides

Happy New Year dear DIY bloggers and followers! 2013 will be BellesOfBeirut's 3d year and i started feeling the pressure to reinvent myself with new ideas and crafts , could there be a writer's block for crafty people? ? ? I'll just have to wait and see

With this post , im actually cheating because it's something i made for my wedding in 2012 but was so busy with Christmas celebrations that i forgot to share it with you! So here goes . . .

Most of my married friends advised that i should keep sipping coffee to help me overcome sleep deprivation symptoms but when i woke at 5 am full of energy and buzzing with excitement, my mother advised that i should go for Chamomile tea instead  :) Wether a caffeine drink or herbal tea, i didn't want to carry a cup , it was the Bride's cup , it has to be special. Its her wedding day!

What you'll need :

  • Coffee paper cup with a sleeve. The one you can get at any coffee chain like Starbucks  or Tim Hortons
  • Graphic or colored paper
  • Colored pen
  • Pencil , scissors and glue

Raquel S.

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  1. A crafter! Lebanese! Has a blog! LOves Mod Podge!! I think we should be best friends forever :P FINALLY!!