Thursday, August 4, 2011


What is inspiration? Google it and you'll get almost 700,000 search results. Experts, artists, psychologists, motivational speakers and religious men describing it in their own words and from their world's perspectives.... here's a few of good ones

  1. It's a quality that can be elusive and only found if you look for it
  2. You can find inspiration in anything, anyone, anywhere , anytime
  3. It's an unconscious burst of creativity
  4. It's similar to vision and synonymous to influence
So they're all really saying the same thing. If you allow this "inspiration" into your job, relationships with others, cooking, parenting, shopping and in almost everything you do then eventually you'll become better at using it.

Since most of my crafting is inspired by hundreds of things , people and places. I'll dedicate every thursday to share exactly that!

But before i do,  check out my mini workshop :) 

Back to Inspiration # 1 : My mom 

She sees the beautiful in everyone around her and it radiates the happiest vibes all around! 

Inspiration # 2 : Miss Audrey Hepburn

Inspiration #3 : Mrs. Big aka Carrie Bradshaw

Happy Weekend!

Raquel S.
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  1. This is great ! but i hope not only women inspire you !!

  2. Definitely not! i guess you'll have to keep reading Thursdays' posts :)