Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Spring/Summer 2011 Candle Pots

For the most of you who believe fashion is art, here's how to get decorate your house with this season's must-haves!

- Last month's fashion magazine
- Mod podge
- Glue
- Glass candle pots
- Napkins

Start by wiping the jar from the inside to ged rid of the residue

Cut out your fave items and glue them onto the jar

Peel the napkin layers , you'll need the thinnest sheet

Cut a hole in the center and wrap the pot

This is the fun part! With a brush add a layer of mod podge on the napkin. Do it gently since the napkin can easily tear

Let it dry naturally so be patient!

And good things will happen to those who wait... So fetch!

Raquel S.

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