Monday, February 13, 2012

DIY : Valentine's Dinner Table Setting

If you're planning a romantic night in with your partner , here are 3 little ideas that can do a lot for the dinner table. You won't need more than 30 minutes to prepare so there's plenty of time to get ready and even hit the gym!

What you'll need :
- Red tissue paper
- 2 empty bottles of wine
- Thin rope or any string
- Paper doilies
- Scissors and color pens

Paper pom poms as seen on Martha Stewart

I mixed colors for the second pom pom

Tiny pom poms to decorate the chop sticks (you can use them to accessorize almost anything)

Love stories start with a glass of wine .... or two 

A cute idea to surprise your other half :)

Hope you liked it!

Raquel S.

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  1. Hi there, I really enjoy the pom pom thing you did here. I saw this idea on several blog but this is the cutest thing I ever saw!

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  2. Thanks Victoria! I love mini poms poms, they're too cute!