Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Recycle Balloons : One Flower Vase

The party is over and you're left with the cigarette buds , empty beer bottles and dying balloons.... Sad face.

But even distressed party hosts should have the conscious to Recycle. There's really no excuse, a recycling center is found in almost every corner of Dubai.

But before you throw out those balloons in with the plastics , here's something slightly challenging but so much fun!

All you need are a pair of scissors ,  glass cups or small jars .

Cut the tip slightly

For the stubborn ones that keep tearing, use two!

Add one flower to each vase and voila! how pretty?

Raquel S.

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  1. Just published a mini round up of ways to repurpose deflated /popped balloons ... I used one of your pictures when I submitted the post to Craftgawker, and they've picked it up. Hope you get tons of traffic - it's a beautiful idea.

  2. Thanks Candice! It's one of my faves