Sunday, June 10, 2012

DIY : Bracelet Holder

When it comes to jewelry , bead bracelets are my favorite and i have a pile of them stacked in my drawer.

Since i'm always rushing to get dressed , i always end up wearing the bracelets that are on the surface so my next project is an easy to make bracelet holder .

What i used :
- empty paper rolls
- glue gun and mod podge
- magazine cutouts and beads

Lucky for me the magazine featured many colorful chinese print dresses

 Using mod podge and tissue paper to give it a matt and used look

For the second roll , i cut out the horoscope because i loved my star sign reading.... something about creative skills :)

Then i glued beads around one end of the rolls so that the bracelets won't fall off

What do you think so far???

This is what they look like with the bracelets

I thought they were too pretty to be kept inside a drawer

Try it yourself

Raquel S.

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