Friday, December 14, 2012

A Star? It Says So

This is Christmas craft #2 and it's by far my favorite. Although i'm really excited and proud of the upcoming posts , this one is special because it came out of desperation!

After several failed attempts at making a unique star for our tree , i gave up and went shopping for one. Sadly yet luckily nothing caught my eye and out of the blue i got this silly idea to make a sign that says "Star" . I ran it by my husband who thought it was genius so i guess I'm lucky he's a fan!

What i used:
-Chalkboard Spray
-White Chalk

Start with a cardboard cut out. It can be any shape you want except a star. I found the circle to be the easiest shape to hang at the tip of the tree

Spray it with chalkboard paint and allow it to dry very well. Don't use a hair dryer, let it air dry for best results

I chose to write Star in 3 languages : English, French and Italian.

Other ideas would be to make one that says "Star Here" or "I am a Star" 

And since it's chalk, you can even make a daily Christmas countdown 

 Raquel S.

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