Wednesday, December 19, 2012

A DIY Christmas Night In

Christmas is just around the corner and i am done with all the decorating so now we celebrate! Just last week a few friends of mine hosted a fabulous Christmas girls night in, each one of us had to make a Christmas inspired dish . The issue was that i have a cooking handicap so i planned a crafting project instead . Here are some of the pictures from that night

We made a Christmas wish jar using mason jars, magazine cut outs, glue, mod podge and white tissue paper.
This was inspired by the Fashion Collection Candles craft from last year, click here to see

 The girls started off by making magazine cut outs of their Christmas must haves

Some looked for furniture 

Others were inspired by sports

The rest were label junkies

Tamara's jar in the making

Working hard

Concentration levels peaked

Team work!

 Very intense


Raquel S.

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  1. It really was an amazing night! thanks Rak!

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