Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Christmas Wish Ornament

This is BellesOfBeirut's second Christmas! And although it's been a very busy time at the office, coping with the newly married life and furnishing a house , i managed to craft a few things this Christmas. How can i not?

To personalize our tree we crafted ornaments made of cardboard , each with a wish for this year. It was fairly easy to make and added a very warm touch to the house. Guests will enjoy reading them and can contribute to the tree if you make extras. Just make sure to save them until next Christmas to see if your wishes came true

What i used:
-colored pens
-hole puncher

I used a plate to outline (lost my compass with the move)

Make a hole a the top , this is where you'll tie the knot to hang from

I made tiny poms using yarn to cover the hole. Here is a tutorial from a previous post

What's left is to write down the wishes and hang them on the tree!

Raquel S.
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